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S&OP- Sales & Operations

The need:

  • Many markets and production sites require better global managing and control of the supply chain (by processes and tools over the web) .
  • The need for integration &improvement of sales forecasts and budget
  • The need to decrease inventory levels by better sales forecast quality
  • Sophisticated quantitative planning tool – for monthly planning processes and MRP, both local and global
  • To improve the demand collection process from sales units by WF and automatic work

S&OP Benefits:

  • Increases visibility of supply chain between all local & global subsidiaries uncluding the HQ
  • Enables management policies to be integrated and enforced by operational planning
  • Decreases inventory levels while maintaining or increasing service level by better planning ahead
  • Increase forecast accuracy and horizon by:
    • Increase efficiency and save time
    • Improve control and approval processes
    • Increase level of update and reliability
  • Improve sales budgets processes