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Road Map Design & Management

We offer process strategy services by presenting boards of directors and management teams a mapping and projection of information needs for short or long term plans. We map possible alternatives capable to support pre-defined business goals, product perception, client perception, supply chain, service, scopes, geographical spread etc. We analyze business processes and pain points, as well as solutions, serious directive actions, budget estimates, timelines and risks. This results in a quick and an effective process that factors in timelines and business milestones.

The roadmap we propose will:

  • Meet your information needs for the coming years
  • Map out your existing information system
  • Pinpoint your business and operational constraints and pain points
  • Give you the pro’s and con’s of the alternatives, drawing on the criteria you set for our system evaluation
  • Analyze the costs and internal resources for implementation and maintenance
  • Present alternatives that best matches your business and expansion goals, based on your real needs, budget constraints schedules, and using the characterization we define (including timelines and budget)
  • Recommend the NEXT STEP.