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CRM- Customer relationship management

CRM Systems have come a long way and are now flexible enough to be able to offer a variety of independent & specialized solution or work harmoniously with service, marketing or e-commerce solutions.

The complete customer’s data & activities is collected from chanells into one centralized and transparent data center, allowing the organization a 360 degree view and understanding of the customer.

We conduct a thorough & quick pre-project process including:

  • High level design
  • RFP for new CRM system & interfaces to the other customer’s chanells (including SOW, & contract aspects)
  • Choosing the system & the implementer company
  • Project preperations – Project plan, scope, teams, change management preparations)
  • Project supervision & support
  • Go Live management support

CRM Benefits

  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Improving service quality by providing support mechanisms for the organization’s service and alerts
  • Increasing sale potential- by supporting Cross sales and up sales processes
  • Marketing operations management platform
  • Reports and analysis
  • analyzing and reporting of quality of service, forecasts, client worth and more.