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ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

We design projects of Information systems that have the ability to completely and integratively support all business and operational processes of the organization (finance, inventory, purchases, HR, Client services and more). The information is entered once only subsequently and become transparent to all processes & business units.

We conduct a thorough & quick pre-project process including:

  • High level design
  • RFP for new ERP system (including SOW, & contract aspects)
  • Choosing the system & the implementer company
  • Project preperations – Project plan, scope, teams, change management preparations)
  • Project supervision & support
  • Go Live management support

ERP Benefits:

  • Integrative resource management- for divisions, organizations, cross organization activities, providing the ability to manage all companies and business processes within the organization
  • Uniformity- one model for all data management (Data, Tools and Work Processes)
  • Data accessibility- anyone, anywhere, according to set permissions
  • Modern management tools- analysis, research and decision making
  • Determine work plan and work in set stages
  • Control systems efficiency, including SOX
  • Business processes efficiency (and satisfaction of clients)